Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 I am a little out of date.  I am working backwards and just hitting the highligts.  I have other pictures on my phone of the fun places we go, but like always I can't find my phone and, I am just too lazy to go find it.   Here goes.  Here are a few rare moments when my kids are getting along.  They are licking lines of powdered candy, and taking turns on the Innotab.

 Merrry Christmas. We had a family christmas eve dinner at our house, Cheezy girls.
 Christmas was a success.  Look at this sweet spoiled girl.  Sarah didn't want to pose, she was too busy.
 This is how we tub at the Nielsen House.  Feels more like swimming when you have arm floats!
 Sarah had a busy 3rd birthday weekend.  Here she is crashed at her party with Grammy.
 Please don't hold my kids clothing/pajama wearing against me.  This kid has a mind and style of her own,  and I pick my battles.

 We had a Friend Party at the Jump Zone, I felt like the rest of Cache Valley was there that day too. It was a little crowded to really get your jump on, but we survived, injury free!
 Just had to post the Cute little owl themed favors.  Thank you pinterest for giving me a million new ways to feel less productive as a person when I see your great ideas, and they never turn out as I planned. (or as the picture shows.)
 I let Meg and Sarah have a "sleepover" oh to be young again and sleep anywhere and wake up feeling great.  They each started out in their own tent and ended up like this.
How fun to have a shared party with your aunt and Great Grandpa.
Oh look more pintersting guilt trip.  Not quite as easy as it seemed.  Little owl nest. Pehaps it's just me,  I might be all thumbs.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Holidays

Wishing the best to everyone this season.  May you all have a Merry Christmas.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

From Shorts to Snow

Here we are fishing up Blacksmith Fork canyon. 
Yes My kids at every bite when we cooked it.
Back in September Wes celebrated his Birthday.
Bobo got a hair cut.
We went to the pumpkin walk.
It Snowed.  This was one of the funnest snow stoms I remember.
Friday we built snowmen and on Saturday it was still warm enough
for us to have a family snowball fight.  Look at this cool snow fort.
Hyrum city is building a new park next door to us, with a sledding hill, so of course we
went to play.  It was warmer and the ground was soft and muddy. 
Wes even got Meg to go on a few runs by herself.  He also managed to get some
great daddy photography in.
Look out Megsy.  Yep he caught her catching some sick air.
Nothing was broken (thankfully).  The tears didn't last too long either.
Little Sarah has found her passion in life.  She has been riding this thing nonstop.
Happy Blog viewing.  I wll try to be better about posting. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Back 2 School

 Megan is ready for kindergarten.  I am not so sure if mom is. Megan is going to Lincoln Elementary in Hyrum.  This is when she went to her screening.  The first official day is Tuesday...
 Little Sarah started dance class.  She is super excited and already has some great moves.   Just ask!
 We had one last summer camping trip.  I really wanted to go to Yellowstone, but Wes had other ideas.  We ended up in Emmigration Canyon in Preston.  We spent our time crafting all sorts of things, necklaces, visors, t-shirts and hair things. 

 We drove into Paris and Bear Lake on Friday and went spelunking!.  Wes and I took all 888 stairs in the Minnetinka Cave while carrying 2 little girls,  It was a fun time, the kids thought it was great!

 This was how we spent a rainy friday night.  We watched The Movie  "UP".  I forgot how cute it was, The kids were cracking  us up the rest of the weekend by interjecting the word "squirrel" in the middle of each sentance. LOL
 Saturday was a great day.  We had such a fun time in the Minnetonka cave that we went to search the ICE cave in Bloomington.  We loaded up in the Ranger and 4 wheeler, and got lost.  Well, sort of.  We ended up in the Highline Trail. It was only intended for wheelers and bikes and here we are on a Ranger, with no room to turn around, so we just kept driving, and some how managed not to get stuck. 

 We finally found the Ice Cave, and went in for more exploring.

 This chunk of ice never melts, it is super deep. and slippery.
 Here are the Girls in their night shirts with the friendly neighborhood wildlife  "squirrels" of course.
We have had our fun and we are looking forward to the structure and routine of fall!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summa Time

 Hogle Zoo.  What a Zoo, and I am not referring to the animals.  I was going to take my girls alone, but am I glad I had Wes go with us.  I can't believe the grown adults who were pushing and shoving  my kids out of the way just so they can look at the amimals.  Reall my kid is 2 feet tall.  You can't see over her head?  I just sat there in disbelief.  Yay for the carosel and the train that had more organized chaos, you wouldn't guess from the smiles that it was a slightly frustrating day.  

 It was a cooler day so this tiger was less shaded up so we could see him.

 The giraffes are always my favorite.  It is about time their "habitat" is remodled.  It seemed so bleak compared to the new "Rocky Shores" exhibit.
 Megan had her dance recital.  She is quite the mover and shaker.  We videoed the performance and she refused to smile in the other pics, so I am posting 2 shots.

 Sweet Sarah and  her baby fresh out of the tubby. 
 Preschool Graduation.  Oh sad day.  I am so happy Meg had the opportunity to attend "tiny tot tech" this year. Believe it or not, both Wes and I attended this preschool.  Megan was practicing the songs for graduation for weeks, and it showed,  she sang every word with such enthusiam and looked so pretty as the pink crayon. 

 Thank you Teacher Hunter. We love you!